Did you know that we host birthday parties, sports parties, luncheons, and  dance/ice cream parties ??
We also will go on location for events as well!

We have celebrated many Birthday’s with children of all ages as well as the end of a great soccer, football, baseball or other sport season.

The Dairy O has also teamed up with  Full Circle Studio to offer dance parties.  Children can dance for an hour and then come to us to wind down and enjoy a delicious treat, a fun combination.

Whether it be lunch and dessert or just a simple treat and games, we have you covered.  Why make your home a mess, when you can have your party at The Dairy O and leave the rest up to us.

There are no two parties alike here. Each event is tailored to your needs.

If you can’t make it to us, we can come to you and deliver a delicious treat at school or other locations.

Please Call today to schedule your special event with us.

We have an array of special baked goods that require advance notice for preparation.
Call us today to prepare dessert for your next occasion or event.

Homemade Treats Include:

Cream Puffs

Apple Crisp

Apple Pie

Apple Dumplings

Carrot Cake

Coffee Cake

Rice Pudding

Fresh Baked Cookies

Frozen Treats:

Ice Cream Pies

Cookie Sliders